Here at Pest Control Solutions, we are proud of defending the residents of Homestead from pesky bed bugs. Here recently we have been dealing with a rise in Homestead bed bug infestations. We are really not precisely sure why the number of bed bugs in Homestead is increasing, but it’s likely due to more people acquiring used furniture from garage sales and unintentionally bringing these bed bugs into their home.

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Seek professional assistance at the first sign of a potential bed bug problem!

We can not think of anyone who doesn’t mind bed bugs within their home. Unlike harmless spiders, bed bugs are not a pest that you should just pay no attention to. While you’re sleeping, bed bugs will feed on you. Bed bugs feed on humans by puncturing the skin with their stylet.

It doesn’t sound very appealing because it isn’t. These annoying pests use this stylet to saw through the tissue to find blood vessels. They will then feed on you for around a few minutes before going back to where they were hiding previously.

So how come you don’t wake up and feel them when they bite you? That’s a question we have answered many times because you would think something biting you would wake you up. The bite of a bed bug feels more like a pin prick. Their saliva is injected into your skin while they feed, which has a numbing agent so you only feel that initial pin-prick which isn’t enough to wake most people up.

It’s not uncommon to not spot the actual bed bugs. Because they only feed at night, and are also small and very adept at hiding in not so noticeable areas, it typically takes a thorough inspection to locate them. In most cases we’ve dealt with in Homestead, people don’t know they have bed bugs until they get bitten in their sleep. If you start noticing tiny fecal spots or blood smears on your bedding, then you’ve likely been infested with bed bugs and you should call us without delay. Bed bugs can travel to other rooms in your home or business, which only creates an even bigger problem for you.

You should call our Homestead bed bugs experts at 305-290-4910 if you worry that you have a bed bug problem. Our Homestead bed bugs experts attend industry conferences each year and stay current on the latest trends and methods for keeping your family safe!

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